Guys, what is the ideal length of hair for a woman in your opinion? What is too short and what is too long?


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  • No general standard for me.

    That said, it's rare for me to see a girl with short hair as appealing. Often she needs to have very elegant features like a long neck, narrow face, big eyes, something like this. Those girls often look nice with any hairstyle.

    For most women, I think they look better if their hair frames their face, with something like near shoulder length. After that it no longer makes a difference to me, it's all about how the hair frames the face with the way I find women's faces appealing.

    • Have you ever seen a woman whose hair you thought was too long?

    • I had a math teacher when I was in high school who let her hair down to show us how long it was and it reached the floor.

      That seemed a tad too long (I imagine it gets awkward having sex with her), though she was quite pretty. Visually it didn't detract for me, I just imagined it must be a pain kind of dealing with all that hair if you were with her intimately.

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  • I'm pretty sure most men prefer long hair.


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  • My girlfriend now has a short pixie cut and I love it. I now prefer it to her longer hair and I can't wait till she gets haircuts now. I think they now look really sexy on girls


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  • And here I was thinking that all women are individuals with individual traits and preferences that they can each choose to showcase in different ways. My bad~

    • I'm not saying that, I'm just curious about guys' preferences. I've always heard the same "guys don't like short hair" and I wondered if there would be a variety of opinions here, so I asked the question to see. It's not meant to offend anyone...

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    • Never said you were super malicious, I just don't understand how you can get so upset about an innocent question, that is all.

    • Lmfao. You'll know when I get upset OP.