What is a description of the hottest person you can think of?

No matter what your sexuality or what gender you are or what fetishes you might have or whatever, what is the absolute sexiest person you can make up in your head, in terms of looks? I'm just curious to see what other people are attracted to...


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  • - Brown, straight, silky, waist-length hair.
    - Bright, blue eyes.
    - Small nose.
    - Pail skin.
    - Soft, full lips.
    - Wide hips.
    - Slender waist.
    - Big, round butt.
    - Set of perky boobs.

    ^^^Ideals, NOT requirements...


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  • Tall, medium brown skin, facial hair, dark eyes and black wavy hair, good sense of style , and nice shoes , that's the most attractive guy I know

  • Lucky Blue Smith

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k_DlHDVBJ7Y


  • Henry cavil. Sexy stud.

  • I have some trouble with this. I like different kinds of people looks wise. I'd say: little to no facial hair, laughs a lot, full lips, hair in between 2 inches and to the waist (any length I can bury my hands in is fine), about 15 cm taller than me, normal-skinny-ish built with some muscle definition but not bulky.

    I like 2 guys at once now, one is blonde with blue eyes and a moustache and beard (I dislike the moustache), dresses like he lived 100 years ago and has a delicious brittish accent. The other is (half) chinese but his family is dutch for generations- he still has the looks though. Black shoulder length hair, tall, Asian face with cute freckles, glasses and stick thin.
    Personality is most important though.

  • It might be weird but i m mostly attracted to lean guys like very lean ( not always tho ) n also its very rare that i like someone who's as fair as i m ( i m from india but i m not particularly brown). i guess i like slightly darker guys with lean frame

  • Tall, tan, dark haired, breaded, full lips, sharp features, big arms and heaty hands 😍

  • christina aguilera and olivia wilde

  • Well , since i'm bisexual i'll do both genders:
    Hottest girl :
    Long, brown, straight, soft , shiny hair.
    Big brown sweet eyes, thick & long eyelashes.
    Pale , clear soft skin.
    Rosy pink cheeks.
    Full kissable lips.
    Small cute nose.
    Oval face shape.
    medium sized to big boobs.
    Tiny waist , big hips.
    Long , soft legs.
    Big toned ass.
    Pretty small hands.

    Hottest guy:
    Short or medium length , thick , full head of brown or black hair.
    Big sexy Green or brown eyes.
    Thicker manly nose.
    Strong jawline.
    Thick long eyelashes.
    For skin : white or tan , and honestly , i think it's really cute and attractive if s guy has some acne I don't know i'm weird.
    Tattoos (either covered in tattoos or just a few meaningfull tattoos that can be seen , i also am highly attracted to chest tattoos)
    Thick , kissable red lips.
    Skinny to normal build with slight abs but normal and skinny arms ( i hate muscles so much)
    Nice nipples ( i like looking at guys nipples )
    Big , strong manly hands and long fingers.
    Lip piercing (ufff 😍)
    Big feet.
    Big dick. (Lol)
    Tall or at least taller than average.

  • Justice Joslin makes my knees weak


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