Do you know what these words mean?

I was just wondering if anyone knows what these words mean because they are widely used in my small town and I want to see if the rest of the world knows any of these.

1.Fy or Fye ex: those shoes are so fy.

2. J or Jay ex: that girl stole her pencil. She's a j.

3. Jonin (spelling may vary) ex: all the republican politicians were jonin on Hilary Clinton.

there is probably some more that ill think of later.


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  • Fye: is another word for tight! Something that's cool or awesome. Those shoes are so fye -- aka those shoes are so sweet!

    Jay: Someone who is a beast at everything he/she does. According to your context - this definition will fit. But it also means : A joint, a rolled marijuana cigarette. Ex: If you're coming to my house bring a case of beer and a jay.

    Joinin: to make jokes or insults towards another person.

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