How much makeup should I wear? guys only please!

how much makeup do guys like girls to wear? my friend told me today that guys don't like it when girls wear lip gloss, they like lip balm better because they think that if they were to kiss you it would get on them or something. she also said that she read that guys don't like a lot of makeup because it doesn't seem like you're really you. what makeup should I wear and how much? is it true that guys don't like lip gloss? I need an answer soon! thanx!


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  • I think lip gloss is great, but not too much. I know some guys say they don't like makeup because it looks fake, but a little is usually never bad. Just don't overdo it. Personally I love eye makeup(mascara and eyeliner). I think it makes girl's eyes look amazing. However I'm not too crazy about too much foundation/blush etc. because I think that's what gives some girls the "fake" and "caked-on" look.


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  • There is nothing wrong with wearing lip gloss. But as far as makeup, the more you wear, the more fake you look. I prefer a girl that can pull of the natural look with no makeup to be honest. But girls that cake on layers of makeup aren't attractive to me.

  • I agree with both those guys

    most of the girls the pack on

    their make-up to me look like clowns

    but girls that are able to pull off the all

    natural skin should instead of the make-up

    lip gloss isn't really a problem for me

    as long as its not too shiny besides

    its not like it doesn't come off

  • i don't mind a little lip gloss but lip balm works good too guys can wipe off lip gloss if they want but I don't like a lot of it.


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