What color / texture/ fit of pants fit this green dress shirt for a casual club night?

What color / texture/ fit  of pants fit this green dress shirt for a casual club night?

not sure if this makes a difference, but I fill out the shirt much better than this model.


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  • Black skinny or regular fit jeans :) You have a lot of color going on in the shirt. Blue could be too much of a distraction.


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  • Black or really dark blue jeans, slim fit not skinny unless you are very slim urself. You won't even be allowed in the club with ripped or light blue denim.

    Ideally a black leather or bomber jacket over the top like this if its not too hot

    • nice styling tips man

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    • @redeyemindtricks I'll check it out. But I did get a size that fits me almost to a tee

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  • Either black, grey or white jeans here - they should also be a tight fit as the shirt itself already seems kinda loose.

    • eeehhhhh the whole "tight bottoms with loose tops" rule doesn't really apply to boys, though. that would just look weird tbh.

      with guys' clothes, generally the jeans/bottoms should be the same kind of fit as the top.
      tighter fitting shirts with tighter fitting jeans... looser with looser.
      no crazy extremes on either end (: ... but yeah

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    • @Cosytoasty yeah, although you're in the UK, so ofc they are cheaper there. Those brands are more expensive here across the pond. And Paul Smith has a total of 0 outlet stores in the Americas.

      Canadians are just kinda fucked as far as fashion goes 😂😂😂 I actually can't think of *any* Canadian brands.
      The closest thing I can think of is Dsquared/Dsquared2, which was *founded* by Canadian twin brothers (and has tons of "Canada" and maple-leaf prints) but is actually an Italian brand headquartered in Milan.

    • @redeyemindtricks Lol I didn't mean tight as in skinny jeans but obviously they should be tighter than the shirt if it falls like it does on the dude in the picture, certainly not more loose.
      But then that's just my personal taste maybe. I love the dapper style on men where pants are usually rather slim/tight cut.

  • yellow


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