How to use Tea tree oil?

How to use it? How many times a day? For how long? Until when? Please help?


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  • What are you using it for? Skincare? Showering? Hair? Or for what?
    I've used it on my skin, hair & in the shower but it is very strong (including the scent) so I'd recommend diluting it with water. I did not use it more than once a day because I thought it would be too harsh for my skin. As for hair, I only add a small amount to other oil I mix together for hair treatment. For shower/bath u can add it to your bath water or u can put a little bit on your loofah.

    • For skin (acne)

    • For spot treatment you don't have to dilute it, just put a decent amount on a cotton ball or q tip & apply it to the bump. If u have sensitive skin u don't wanna irritate it, use it once in the morning & at night. u can also hold the cotton ball or q tip on your bump for a couple minutes.

      I also highly recommend aloe Vera (the plant) cut off the green part and gently rub the clear gel inside on ur bump. It should start to dry up in a few days.

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  • Depends on where, make sure you dilute it none the less, put in on a cotton pad or swab.

    • On face for acne. How many times a day? For how long?

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