What kind of to get a tattoo?

Hi guys and girls i want to get a tattoo but I can't decide. What kind of to get a tattoo?


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  • Honestly, if you're undetermined then you should maybe check out styles of tattoos and go from there. Like look into black and grey, American traditional, Japanese, new school, etc. find a style you really want, then you can go from there. I think it's a good place to start.

    Also, to help decide do you want something just because you like how it looks or do you want something with personal meaning? That'll help you decide what you want too.

    • Okay now I'm bassist, horse rider, kung fu fighter and psychology student. Maybe this way i get a tattoo but word would be better like nietzsche, freud etc.
      Have a word you can suggest? thank you :)

  • A tattoo is something personal, it would be a bad idea for us to tell you what you should get.


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