Does anyone else notice a trend?

There are so many commercials now on getting rid of your stretch marks and for guys it's all about hair loss. These commercials are all new and popular. Why does the media spoon-feed us products that are in general useless?


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  • Feeding off peoples insecurities to make a quick easy buck. Smart move on their part, and something that has been around for ages.

    • I know. It's ridiculous how many stretch marks commercials there are as if it's a new thing, when women always had stretch marks. It wasn't such a big deal before, but now it is.

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    • Haha. I didn't notice that! Yeah all the ads have something to do with the questions... lol :)

    • Yeah, unfortunately, these people only care about the money. So they will continue to do what they do. I have friends that are quite insecure about their bodies, because of crap like this, and idiot people. It pis*es me the f*** off quite frankly o.O Beautiful people should not have to be made to feel ugly, or in need of 'fixing'

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  • I don't think these are really new things. Advertisements have been doing this for as long as they have been a thing.