What do guys think of stretch marks on a girl?

Now, I'm a little curvy, I'm 36-29-39. But I look pretty damn good! I unfortunately have stretchmarks thanks to my curves.. on my inner thighs, lower back/hips and boobs . They're pretty awful looking, but sudden curves can do that to a girl! Are these a huge turnoff? Or do you guys not really care?


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  • Guys don't care (at least not the ones that you would want to date).

    • This wanacot guy has stolen his visual identity from one of my best friends, a popular photographer and extreme sports enthusiast from vancouver.... don't you think that's weird?

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  • No biggie, I think with most guys its expected that their girl with have quite a few stretch marks, its only normal. I personally don't think they look as bad as people claim, they are interesting and I think its really nice when a girl feels comfertable enough with you to be able to show you where they are. I have no problem with stretch marks at all :)

  • I don't think most guys would care that much. I probably wouldn't.


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