What hair products should I use, and how much and how often?

I want to change my hairstyle and make my hair spiky, but I’ve read that hair products can haste hairloss, especially hair gel. I happen to know some old school mates of mine who added tons of hair gel when they were 12-15 and now at 25 they have visible hair loss.

So what should I use in order to make a spiky hairstyle, without destroying them?


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  • Use what ever you like, hair loss is genetic for the most part (look at your mother's father). Gel causing hair loss is just an urban myth, spike it up all you want.

    • He still had hair when he died at 57. So guess I'm OK?

    • You shouldn't have much issue at least till your 60. Enjoy your new style!

    • Haha thanks!

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