Girls These Days...(and guys)...

So many girls (and guys for that matter) these days seem so cookie-cutter and unoriginal. They all (I am obviously generalizing) only like clubby music or chart-topping mainstream elevator noise. They like to wear Abercrombie and are attracted to big buff unsophisticated douchebags. Bunch of Philistines. What ever happened to soulful, quality music and style with character created with real effort and passion by 'real people' with personalities. People who think Hollister is couture and "The Keg" is really fine dining need to realize they are making themselves look like little Chanel sunglasses wearing, Louis Vuitton bag carrying sellout soldiers. Try being original. Stop comparing guys to Twilight and please don't use the term "epic fail." Its already old, and if you use it, you can consider yourself one.

By the way I'm not some indy hippy goof, either. In fact, I am a Type A car geek in business school. I just so happen to dislike conformity.


That was my little rant. THANKS!


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    its rediculous what this generation has come to!

    i mean I'm not the most original cupcake in the bakery but I'm proud of not being a "sellout soldier"

    i miss when people enjoyed Jimi Hendrix and Nivana...

    they had talent!

    now its all about JUNK that's all computerized with no real talent applied at alll...

    you read my mind man

    and I thank you!


  • im glad [ somebody ] finally said something about "epic fail". ugh.

    but yes you are absolutely correct.

    there are so many underrated artists out there with soulful [ meaningful ] music

    and there are other stores out there with decent clothing that isn't necessarily couture

    but Hollister sure ain't either.

    as for the douche bag guys...i think that's another topic all on its own

  • Agreed.


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  • I'm laughing my ass off at this whole thing.

    - Sellout soldiers' description... mainstream elevator noise... Big buff unsophisticated douschbags... etc

    The way you spoke was with magnificent detail and it painted a picture in my mind. Thanks man, it was worth a good smile.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • That has nothing to do with this generation. Conformity has always existed. So has stupidity.

    Surely, you realize that's almost as narrow of a viewpoint as those you seek to criticize.

    • No need to comment, you summed it up pretty well. Nice job.

    • Well that's very true. That's why it was just a rant, a venting. I felt the need to express. Not to be taken too literally or seriously. :)

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