Are girls really not attracted to looks and physical appearence as much as us guys are? are they or not?

People always or usually say that us guys are more visual, more attracted to looks and physical appearance than girls are, for me I still think that's debatable. What do you think? Are girls attracted to hot, handsome good-looking guys, like a GQ Model, just as much as guys are attracted to beautiful, long-legged girls, or girls who look like Megan Fox of the Kardashian sisters?

Which gender do you think is more shallow and picky about looks and appearances? Guys or Girls?


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  • It depends on age things that are of value when you are young in hs or college don't apply when you get older. When you are young everyone wants the ferrari, when you get older you might be more interested in a volvo. Men are visual and value beauty. Women are taught to value personality, and his ability to provide. The old adage men marry for beauty and women marry for money is still true to some extent. If you look at wealthy men they will generally marry models, actors, etc. Women value good looks to everyone would like to wake up to someone pretty, but it has a price, more attention and more opportunity for partners...


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  • i think that I am very are 3 situations=

    1-a guy is hot but totally disrespectfull towards girls then no one will actually fall in love with him but just be physically attracted to him.he will not be successfull in long-term relationships.

    2-a guy isn't hot but has lots of manners and is decent.he might be liked by most girls.he'll be successfull in long-term relationships.girls will be emotionally attached with him.

    3-a guy is hot+decent.succssful in long-term relations and definately will be the hottest guy in school.

    so,girls are picky but depends from person to person.

    1- hot girls will go for hot guys

    2- a not very pretty girl will have reasonable expections from guys.

    • But it seems that even if a guy is very hot, he still needs to be confident and have a fun personality, have good social skills. If a girl is very hot, well us guys already consider her to be a fun person to be around with already, we already like her and will accept her.

    • Yup,you have a point.but if you realise that the hot girl is not nice and brainless,u will leave her.anyways we have to accept both sexes the way they are.we can't change someone else.

  • Personality. It doesn't really matter what he looks like.

    I've liked several guys I didn't think were that great looking when I first met them. The more I got to know them, the better I thought they looked.


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