Have you ever seen a plus sized 'normal' model and said I want to look like that?

Have you ever seen a plus sized 'normal' model and said I want to look like that?
Neither do I.. srs. lmfao. ew

  • Yes I want to look like a plus sized model
  • No I don't want to look like a plus sized model
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  • We don't have plus sized models to encourage people to have that body type. We have plus sized models to be more accepting of people with body types like there's. A model's job is to look good in whatever they're selling. If you're trying to sell plus sized clothing, to plus sized people, you're gonna need plus sized models. Majority of the population doesn't look anything like the skinny models we see in the magazines or on the runways. Majority of the people in the US are chubby, fat, curvy, plump, meaty, big boned, obese, or whatever else people want to call their body type. Fat does not equal ugly. Plus sized models are big and beautiful at the same time and show other people that their bodies can be beautiful too along with selling whatever product they're working with. So to answer your question, I wouldn't mind having a body like Tess if I also had her face. She's beautiful. That's obviously why she's a model.

    • Thank you!
      I've always said I don't support saying "it's healthy" just that I'm allowed to exist, allowed to go into a shop without being laughed at etc.
      Fat support isn't to me promoting being overweight just that those who are are people too, just let them live. Maybe if we weren't told to hate ourselves and I saw a pretty model my size I'd be more comfortable going to a gym to lose weight opposed to now when I get judged and laughed at (for doing what those people are telling me to do!) lol
      Difference between saying accept people and encourage weight.

    • @bbch25 Exactly!

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