I see some girls wearing black leather jackets in the summer, Why is this when it's so hot? I like a girl in leather but wouldn't they be burning up?

They are usually less thick smaller leather jackets then ones in winter. Sometimes they are short and don't even go past where there belly button is. Usually they are wearing warm clothing underneath like short sleeves and shorts. But sometimes they are wearing motorcycle type jackets with long jeans.
Don't get me wrong I think girls look sexy in leather but wouldn't they be burning up?
Are there any girls who do this? If so how do you do it?


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  • I wear leather jackets in the summer sometimes. If it's unzipped it's not a big deal... but did you just say short sleeves/shorts is "warm clothing"?

    • How hot can you dress like that?

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    • Okay I see.

    • OMG... I would love to see you wearing a leather jacket in hot summer. :-)

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  • Some girls will suffer all day just to look good.


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  • I have never noticed anyone in my country doing that during Summer.


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