What to do with hairy arms and legs?

The thing is that I am excess hairy guy and its not just in the chest, stomach and back/shoulders but it's also lot of hairs all over the legs, thighs and arms as well.

I have started using beard trimmer with zero guard setting on my torso and shoulders/upper arms. It means I closely trim the torso although it leaves prickly sort of stubbly feeling when touched but it looks clean and tidy for sure :)

What I am unclear about is what to do about hairy arms, legs and thighs?
If I leave them natural it looks odd to me personally although the hairs are soft to touch.

Is it girlie / gayish to closely trim whole body including legs and arms?


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  • Do whatever the hell you want. There's no "should" or "shouldn't", it's all about what you prefer.

    • Why are you so rude?
      Am just asking for suggestions and help, don't answer if you don't want to
      Got it

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    • I don't mind :)

    • Okay
      As for now I prefer to trim my whole body, I am fucked up seeing myself as Bear hairy and others have bare skin.
      Let's see how long I can maintain it though!

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  • Leave your hair don't shave it. If it's too long then trim it.

    • I am talking about trimming.
      Should I closely trim the hair on arms and legs alongwith the torso?

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  • I think you should start seeing a mental health professional as you seem to have some kind of huge inferiority-complex or disorder involving how you perceive yourself, based off of the fact that you've been posting questions on GaG very similar to this one, sometimes involving pictures, for several months now. You seem to be seeking validation/acceptance much more than actual advice, as is pretty clear based off of how you lash out at any of the girls who do actually suggest what you should do about your body-hair.

    • I am actually seeking advice here this time
      Please help , seriously

  • Please go elsewhere to engage in your humiliation fetish. Thanks.

  • laser is the answer

  • Wax it


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  • Just leave it hairy.

    • Clean torso and very hairy legs and arms look odd to me

  • you´re a man xD leave it. if you wanna go hairless, use shaving cream or go waxing/sugaring, cause those stubbles are shit.

    • Waxing the chest and stomach is hell
      I am okay with trimmer. If I leave it its excess and is totally rug suit

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    • Do the insurance company covers laser treatment:p

    • well in my case they did. i had a perinodal sinus (don´t image google that, it´s nasty)... it´s basically a fistula believed to be caused by ingrown hair in your buttcrack area... i had to get surgery, so they payed hair removal on my butt area so it doesn´t happen again.