Which hair cut?

Me atm- Which hair cut?
The 2 I'm interested in-

Or 2
or something else?

  • keep it as is.
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  • Haircut 1
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  • Haircut 2
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  • Something else... Leave a photo if you pic this one 😎
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More votes!!! Lol
Still debating


Most Helpful Girl

  • The second one.

    • Thanks for your opinion... Even though looking at the 2 cuts they're practically the same lol.

    • They are lol he just looks better in the second one.

    • The only significant difference between the 2 is that the first one is longer (mainly the bangs) which is something that would look a little better on me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 1.
    Keep in mind that the hairstyle in pic2 won't stay the same wherever you go (because of wind). I tried a hairstyle similar to that in pic 2 and it didn't last 15 minutes (even thought it was a normal day. Not windy or anything). So what i am trying to say is that hairstyle 2 would get messed up quickly and you would need to style it several times a day to keep it like that.

    • Were you using pomade or some other product that was suitable for your hair type and the style you were doing?

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    • Yup. And the thing is , i dont even know how to use hair gel. I tried. And the hair dresser that i go to doesn't even speak the same language that i do so i can't get any tips from him :/

    • Go to a barber or hairstylist that you can bond with... Haircuts suck if you can't connect with who ever is cutting your hair.

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  • There isn't much difference between 1 and 2 so you can go for either.

    • Yeah I know... I guess the question really should be "should I get a haircut?"

    • Yes, it would suit your face.