Can you help me figure out what the shirt I have created in my mind is called in real life so I might find it so I can buy it?

So its got a double v neck as in v neck in front and v neck down the back. not too far just a modest amount. some kind of subtle ethnic print around the edges of the v and the edges of the sleeve cuff and the edges of the shirt bottom. the color of print is a complimenting color and or same color a tiny bit darker than color of shirt.

the shirt is very soft cotton. it conforms to the body nicely. its not skin tight but snug. the arms are two quarter length and bell shaped but subtle not exaggerated just enough so they are not tight around the wrist and a bit flared relative to shoulder just going it a bit of flow so its not constricting.

the bottom of the shirt conforms to the body. comes to the waste or right below the waste. not so short its a belly shirt but not so long that it over laps with jean buckle. maybe an inch between top of jeans and bottom of shirt.
any ideas?

its get gypsy short qualities but overall its not over sized and super flowy but its not a box either. when i the in gyspy shirt i just get shorts that look like dresses. or if the in daub v neck, I get shirts with no shape. If i type in bell sleeves i get these gigantic sleeves. plus i usually come out with sheer material or ugly cotton i want the real soft gentle cotton.

how can i find this shirt. i mean what stye does it sound like so i know what to look up?

I dont really now fashion i just know what i like and i design stuff in my head then look for it irl. this shirt is a big problem only thing i've hough of that i can't find.

I want to wear this shirt with tight flared hip hugger blue jeans and high black platform shoes. id like it in color:

sea grass or periwinkle or green moss or blue grey or white (with black print) . with print a bit darker than color but probably best of its the same color. unless its color plus 'black ' print. i dont want too much attention to the print i just want it t go over all be pleasing.

also should belt be color of shirt or color of shoes. i won't make it color of jeans in this case based on the color of shirt i want, bc that'd be blue which would clash with the shirt.

thanks if you try to help :)


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  • V neck print shirt?

    • yeah i tried that but then the print can be all over and they are usually baggy and too long BUT i dint look through thousands so ill just keep looking. but its true at least thats a good description and ill just keep looking under that phrase.

      thanks for answering :)

    • No problem, thanks for the MHO

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