Could use advice from any girl with experience coloring hair?

So a couple weeks ago, I got my brown hair professionally dyed into a darker brown root that fades into a subtle brown-violet. I loved it at first, but then I decided that I wanted a less subtle violet. So I bought a couple boxes of Punky violet and plan to go over it (no bleach).

The thing is, I absolutely love my dark brown base, so I kinda want to leave my roots alone and just dye my ends. But I don't want it to look blocky or patchy.

Any advice how I can pull that off?

My hair currently (or after it was done, anyway. It's faded somewhat)


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  • Okay, I have to ask a few questions:

    Was the violet colour put over any kind of bleach when you had it professionally done? Because what a lot of people don't understand is that colour vibrancy has a lot to do with bleaching your hair (unfortunately) because it opens the hair shaft and allows for maximum colour penetration. If it is subtle, and it hasn't been bleached, putting more violet over it will likely only result in a darker violet, not necessarily anything more vibrant. On dark hair especially, you may notice little difference.

    As for actual application you need to know how to blend colours, which isn't easy on post-dyed hair since a lot of the dying process requires you to blend the colour with the top layer colour. However, the good news is, is that you have dark hair, so even if the violet gets on your brown hair it isn't likely to show.

    What you'd have to do is put the dye on your (gloved) fingers and run it over the lengths where the original violet starts and blend it with the dark brown. Don't be afraid to run some of the purple an inch or so over the dark colour to help with the fade.

    Allow it to process with a cap or bag over your head and hope for the best.

    • You're absolutely right. Lol I did a strand test tonight and it just came out super dark with a purple tint. So tomorrow I'm gonna apply some hair color remover (I hear it's less harsh than bleach) and go from there.

      I'm hoping for it to end up something like this

    • Hair colour remover could do the trick, but if it doesn't, I have a tip for you:

      You can bleach it while causing minimal damage by applying coconut oil before you put on the bleach. It won't change the effectiveness of the bleach and it'll help protect your hair. That is IF you decide you ever want the maximum colour pay off.

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  • Why would you dye your hair? It already looks nice as it is.

    • My hair is dyed lol... I mean it's naturally brown but I've dyed it different shades of brown for years.

      As for why I'm dyeing it purple, it's because I'm young and feel like experimenting.

    • Oh honey... don't do that. Your parents won't be happy.

    • Thanks for the concern "honey" but I'm not looking for their approval. I let them know I was doing it - didn't ask their permission - and they've accepted it. My mom is even going to help me do it.

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  • Wait.

    As tempting as it is, if you colour this soon there is a strong chance it won't take because it's so new. If you do it now you will have to leave the colour on ages to make it take and you may damage your hair depending on hair type.

    If you are after a strong colour you will need to bleach first. With a colour that dark as a base, if you are looking for bright violet it won't work.

    Source: 11 years of dying my hair.

    • Oh good, I could use your advice! 11 years of experience is helpful!

      So, what do you think of hair color remover rather than bleach?

      And do you have any suggestions how to achieve the color I want? I'm looking for a very dark purple, which is why I thought dyeing over my dark hair would work (it didn't lol, I did a strand test). But the color I have will turn out bright if I make my hair too light beforehand, I'm afraid.

    • Hold on a sec love. I'm gonna pm you, partly because I'm very sleepy and don't want to lose you in a mass of notifications and partly so I can share pictures with you.

    • Take your time! Thanks!! :)

  • Any color that's bright and unnatural like purple, blue, green, orange, etc. is already demi permanent. Meaning it only needs 10 volume peroxide or less. If you use developer that's over 10 (ex.20, 30, or 40) your purple won't stay in. 10 volume or less will not effect brown hair or anything dark. So even if the purple hits anything dark it won't cover it. It won't effect it at all so you have nothing to worry about

  • There are tutorials for that on youtube that wil show you step for step if i were you i would look there :P