What should I wear to a rave?

I always have this problem, I never know what to wear to raves, I'm a very natural person so I'd be wearing casual dresses or shorts or jeans to pubs and clubs, sometimes I'd dress more clubby for that but I never do the fancy dress high heels thing, I feel like the clothes I wear are "too pretty" if you get me for a rave, so any idea? Girls, what do you wear? Guys, if you care, what clothes do you like in a girl? All in the rave context, thanks!


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  • I would go somewhere in between what you wear to the put and what you wear to a club if you get what I mean.


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  • I would recommend something you're comfortable in, as you'll probably be on your feet the entire time, and dancing is much easier with comfy shoes. You could wear wedges, or something with a small heel but just make sure you're comfortable.

    As for clothing, it's up to you. Usually people at raves tend to expose their body (plus it get's pretty warm with everyone around, so wearing light clothing is a must)
    I've only been to a rave once, and I will never go again. It's not my scene. I wore some ripped jean short shorts, a white belt (the neon lights were present, so wearing white / illuminating colours was a recommendation) and I wore an off the shoulder crop top, layered with a tank underneath. I also wore white knee socks, and my vans sneakers (I dont wear heels)

    My friends I went with bought a ton of beaded jewelry an glow stick bracelets/necklaces, so I wore them too.
    Other girls there were wearing everything from bralettes, to mini skirts, and even bright colourful wigs. No one was dressed up fancy, some even wore tie-dyed tops that were home made so the neon lights would catch the colours of the paint better.

    Wear anything you're comfortable in, and confident in wearing. A rave is not a fancy place, it's a huge party with loud music, drinks, and other substances. Also, be cautious of your drink while you are there. never set it down without it being watched!

    Have fun :)

    • Thanks! This helped, actually I've been to a few ones, and I quite like them, it's just my style doesn't match the rave style if you get me xD

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  • fook me i was raving in 91 lol

  • Something slutty


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