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The body part questions!

I propose that no one answers those types of questions, and eventually.. Just eventually.. They will eventually die off (where there are only minimal levels of these stupid questions)...



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  • Lots of other stupid questions asked over and over again, like does she or he like me. it would be great to have a faq and list it their with a edited combination of answers...

    • Agreed, or at least a link to the seperate questions with sub-sections for: The highest rating, the most answers, the most discussion (comments), etc

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  • What this site needs is a wiki!

    • To a certain extent, maybe. I doubt anyone would actually search it if they're asking questions about body parts... You can already use google/etc to look up that information, let alone "web md"

  • I doubt it will work, but maybe...

    • Exactly! The potential for it working, is good enough for me to give it a shot.

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    • I agree about the penis size thing! Especially since penises don't vary in size too

    • Oh god... *Rolls eyes*

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