Wedding dress.. what to wear underneath?

So my wedding dress is a lot like this one:

And I am not too sure what to wear underneath it, like undergarment wise. The fitting ladies basically said anything would work, even like a one piece body suit. However... I kinda want my bum to look nice in it lol. I do not have the biggest *behind* and I dont want it to look flat in the dress.. any ideas?

What about bras.. I am thinking of just wearing a nude bra since I tried it and you can't see it at all in the dress since the straps are thick. But anything else?
Where to purchase?


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  • Congrats!

    I think boyshort panties would complement the dress - don't have to worry about pantyline since they're boyshort cut.

    As for bras, I'd suggest a strapless bra - with a longline band so you still feel comfortable and give your girls that lift.

    Try Aerie or if you can afford it - Triumph. I know Triumph sells some flattering yet modest undergarments ☺️


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  • garter belts and a thong.

  • how about nothing let the party begin hhhh


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  • A) Congratulations.
    B) You should get some lacey white undies, something fancy to match the dress.

    • Thank you!

      Everywhere I am reading says to get nude color undies or beige, to match skin tone haha.
      Also most ladies are saying they wore spanx underneath their dress... but i am worried about the lines, ya know? since my dress is pretty tight

    • If it's the lines you're worried about, then something like leggings with the pants part cut off might work, even if it doesn't exactly look great without the dress. Leggings don't usually have visible lines on them, I think. Either way, I wish you good luck!

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