Huge problems making eye contact, or even looking at an attractive girl?

Ive been single my whole life and can't help but think my inability to make eye contact with people is one reason why. If I see out of the corner of my eye a girl looking my way, I become embarrassed to look back at them. It happens just about everyday, either when I'm walking down the halls, or in a class, or at work - I just can't get myself to look. A lot of times I see a really attractive girl and ill only look at her once - after that I'm just terrified of looking in her direction

When I do manage to get eye contact, VERY rarely can I get myself to do this, all I ever get is a stare down with the girl. Just an expressionless stare down and eventually ill just look away and never look at her again because I'm so embarrassed.

Its really bad, I feel like I'm trying to get better at it, but I just cant. Anyone else have/had this problem and know how to get better at it? I'm just so frustrated.


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  • Well your going to have to learn to make eye contact to start anything. If you do catch yourself in a stare down. Smile. Don't pull out a chessy wide smile.Just a subtle "hi" smile. Wave and look away. easy

  • you gotta force yourself out of your comfort zone. I was like you in high school