What's your opinion on looking 'hot'?


anyone can answer

in YOUR opinion what clothes/scent/makeup/actions

make someone appear or seem "hot" or "attractive" to you personally


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  • modest girls with really nice eyes, the way she carries herself I can usually most of the time know if she's a virgin or not and if she's a petty f*** that's been with 2 many guys.

    heavy make up is a turn off.

    what really gets my attention is the way she walks lol that says a lot..

    so ya women that are diffrent from the usual crowd in like a more exotic way I don't know how to explain it lol but ovbiously hot women are ones that are intellegent with insight not those shallow bitches.

    all women look diffrent so you can't really place borders around physical appearance but the most natural in the face without too much makeup are more attractive

    i love women too much lol so my opinion is a little complex ;p but what is important is also the chemistry of companionship


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  • wear leggings and tank tops. drives me wild! :)


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  • Personally I guess people look attractive when they're natural and being who they really are.. for example lately I noticed that I hate people who do a lot of make up or act like stars on the red carpet or whatever lol for me, beauty is natural not superficial

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