"The right person will come along, usually when you're not looking."

...usually when you're not looking"

I can't you even tell how many times I have heard that phrase. is it just that a phrase? Or is there truth to it?

To me, I don't think you can get into a relationship unless you put yourself out there. I don't understand how you can meet someone if you don't get and actually put yourself in situations where you are around single people
OK wow, I just reread my question and sooo many typos :(

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  • That phrase is just something to encourage people to stop worrying about being IN a relationship and to just enjoy the time they have right now of being single.

    But yeah, I agree with you. I've heard it a lot and yes, you do have to put yourself out there to find that special someone.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • for me it makes no difference at if i actively look or not... so yeah. i guess if you just do your thing and donĀ“t care for relationships, someone will eventually admire you for doing your thing and things will evolve from that.


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  • Bullshit. Right people don't just "come along", it's you who makes it happen. Some people need a Superman to sweep them off their feet, but most of the time relationships happen because of EFFORT by both parties.

  • Somewhat, when you're not looking for love, you don't really care or notice when you don't have it, and when love comes along, it sort of surprises you. Also, you're not as worried about doing or saying the right things so you're more of yourself and you're more relaxed. However when you're looking for love, your lonely and disappointed when you don't find it so you're so worried about making a good impression on cute single people. When you aren't looking for love, you don't have this guard up, and you're more willing to take what you have and work with it.


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