Hi, can you rate my body?

There is no picture, but I will describe it. I am not toned/ripped, but not fat, either. My chest is kinda buff looking, especially from the side. My calves are muscular, and I do have kind of a pouchy butt when wearing the right type of pants.

So in other words, no 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, etc. Just a flat stomach with the muscles covered by a half-inch of fat.

1-10. What does my body sound?

1 being hideous and grotesque, and 10 being cream your pants hot.


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  • 7, but only because I don't like muscles lol&&&& you didn't say wether or not you were hairy...i hate hairy chests

    • My chest looks like I'm wearing a shirt, even when I'm not :(

    • Ohhh...i'm sorry. are you mexican? because if so you might wanna think about shaving a bit

  • Up til "with the muscles covered by a half-inch of fat." I thought you sounded pretty hot. but I don't quite get the half inch of fat comment

    • LOL! I mean the muscles that make up the sixpack are covered by about a half-inch of fat.

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