Prom Dress Stores?

Do you know of any prom dress stores or Formal dress stores? I'm looking to keep it under 100 if possible. I already checked Davids Bridal, Deb, Macys, Jcpenney, Sears, A day To remember, and a lot of others :( Do you have any suggestions?

BONUS Q: what's your opinion on a Junior guy asking a freshman girl to his Junior Prom? Same school, different grade and the Prom is for Juniors but they allow you to bring your date (any age)


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  • You can try stores like forver 21, bebe (tends to be a bit more expensive), rue 21, rampage (i've gotten great dresses on here for about 30-40 on sale), victorias secret (under sexy dresses on their website, some are casual but some will work for prom).

    Have fun at prom. If I think of any more stores, I'll post.

  • Try small boutiques instead of large retail stores. Smaller stores tend to have cuter dresses and more unique ones. I'm sure you have a downtown area where you live that has little cute stores