Is she right?

One of my best friends ( yes I am a very lucky girl I have three) is always saying how she's what guys want and implying that I'm not. She has no filters though so I don't know if she is doing it on purpose. She's about 5' 9" blond hair blue eyes pretty face but skinny as a stick she is only about 105 pounds and she's 5'9" (and no she's not anorexic or bulimic) she has almost no boobs I'm shorter about 5'3" brown hair hazel eyes cute face slim and big boobs is she right about her being what guys want?


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  • Depends on the guys in question. If your dealing with macho jock kind of guys they want blond cheerleaders that are basically female versions of themselves. Science nerd type of guys usually go for more intellectual women with a much wider range of body types from model looking girls to plus size girls but their usually very intelligent and sophisticated types.

    There is a bell curve involved here though. There are a lot more of the macho type guys around, we live in a kind of thug culture where that sort of thing is encouraged (tho less so now than in the past) So a lot of men buy into the brain washing and they try to conform and cram themselves into the mold. The lower on the socioeconomic ladder the worse the effect is. You get a lot of guys that want or pretend to want the model / cheerleader types because thugs are supposed to be competitive with each other and go for the most physically attractive women. It's also not cool to think much because the idea is to be instinctual and simple, it's a reptile mindset that eschews intellect as trying to out think the game. To be with a women who is not physically a "ten" means that other men got her instead of them. I have seen thug types eying women that I would go for but try to hide it. It's just that right now our society is still fairly primitive. I think in another 50 to 100 years things will improve a lot, if you look back to the turn of the last century it's like a different world. Racial segregation, women couldn't vote medical science was very backward, people were like savages in a lot of ways.

  • Seriously? Your asking this? C'mon. How can anyone tell without a pic. You stated characteristics of probably half the girls I know. Even if you did post pictures, it all varies by the guy. *sigh*


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