Girls, can you explain to me what each makeup product does?

What does mascara do
what does lipstick do
what does that liquid thing you put on your faces do?
And how the fuck do you guys make it look so good, most women are talented as fuck at applying makeup.


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  • Lol different products serve different purposes.

    Foundation (that liquid thing we put on our faces :P ) helps blur skin imperfections such as large pores, acne, skin discoloration, or any other flaw. It helps even out the skin tone to give women a better complexion.

    Mascara helps give eyelashes more volume and definition.

    Lipstick just brings color to lips. There are a lot of different types and colors with different purposes for whatever style the girl is going for.

    There are TONS of other types of makeup women use though that would make my response here way too long if I tried to explain it all. Lol Application and blending is how most women make it look so good. It takes practice. :) haha!

  • Thank you so much for being amazed instead of angry about it.

    Mascara adds more color and extends the eyelashes
    Lipstick adds color, if lip liner is used, it can make the lips look bigger

    Foundation evens out the skin because some women have discoloration.

    It takes some practice to choose what colors match/look good


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