White Guys Only...!!! Would You??

I am a black chic, pretty attractive I can say and I am so attracted to white guys. I don't know what it is...I used to live in a very conformed community where everyone dated "their own kind"...but when I got to college I began to realize white guys are pretty hot. No, I am not racist and I don't discriminate...I LOVE ALL kinds of MEN but--I just am so attracted to them.

So...White guys answer this...

Would you ever marry/date a black girl?

I guessing a no...I am also trying to prove a point because it seems as if most white guys are NOT attracted to black women and its sad.


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  • I am personally not attracted to black women, not because I'm a racist, just because I'm usually after porcelain dolls.

    I do however have 2 very white friends that at one certain moment in theyr life just flipped and can't even look at a white chick anymore, the whitest theyll go is cuban.

    So I'm pretty sure there is hope for you my lady :)

    • Thanks for your insight.

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  • The first girl to ask me out was a black girl back in 4th grade. When I think of it now, I realize she had a lot of courage for her age. Race has never been an issue for me, and never will be.

  • I only stick with my kind. But then again if you're human and female, you have a chance at being my kind no matter your skin color. I would have no issue dating a black woman, nor marrying her if I ever became the marrying type. I've been very attracted to some black women, and completely repulsed by women of other color. Every race has their variety.

    • O.o I wonder if the arrow down person actually read past that first part. Oh well.

  • i don't think its a problem at all! I've been with white girls and black girls. my dad is white and my mum is black though I look white. my grandad is black and my grandmother is white. I think mixed relationships are perfectly normal!

  • No, I would never marry a black girl simply because of the cultural issues between us. Hypothetically I am open to dating a black girl, but I'm not sure if I'll ever meet the type of black girl with whom I'd be compatible. Most black girls seem to like guys who are loud and thuggish, and I'm not anything like that. I'm a white guy, after all, which is why most black women stick with black guys. Black guys have more of the traits that they value in men. So, to each, his own.

    The cultural differences and family issues between white guys and black girls would make marriage a nightmare. I can't imagine dealing with that on top of the usual challenges people face in marriage.

  • No, I am not attracted to Black women in anyway. I don't meant to sound offensive but they actually put me off.

    White women are the most attractive, desirable and sought after on earth.

    I am not attracted to black women in anyway, and this is the general consensus amongst white men.

    It is not just down to skin colour, black women do not have feminine features, nor do they have any remotley attractive features, there is nothing atractive about a spread nose, big ghetto booty ass, big lips, black skin, nappy hair, heavy bone structure etc.

    I have never been attracted to black women and I never will.

    • Opinions are like a**holes...and people say there's something out there for everybody. I would say...I respect you opinion but I DON'T. You are only going by the sterotype--us black women DO have feminie features unless you are talking about men. I guess your type is skinny, no lips, NO ass, and are just pretty and of course WHITE. You have me furious so let me stop writing...oh does it also make you mad that I have an attitude like ALL Blk women. TOO BAD!!!

  • I've dated two black girls already, one of which I met at college.


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  • My husband is white and so were my last two boyfriends.

    There are men who appreciate beautiful women despite skin color - no matter what kind of farged up answers you get here. Know and understand that (this question has been asked before).

    So don't lose faith.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks =) You are soooo right.