Do girls want to be approached by the Average Joe?

A little background: I am the Average Joe personified. I am average in every way. I have my own style, but it’s nothing trendy. Let's just say I blend in well with the crowd. I have my fun and enjoy life, but all in all, I have one fear that is seriously preventing me to live life to the fullest. I'm terrified of approaching a woman I find attractive. I simply can't figure out what to say, I go blank. I can't explain it either, I absolutely love women and would give anything to get over this fear. The problem is I am just average, not exactly what women dream about, so it seems like a pretty tough task. I see women that I would love to approach all day long but I am pretty sure I'm not what they are looking for. So at this point I've given up on trying, whatsoever. A little part of me holds out hope that maybe it is just the bad luck of living in the city I live in, where beauty is the status quo. But I can’t see what any girl would want in an Average Joe. So here are my questions:

Do women, in general, want to be approached by the Average-run-of-the- mill-Joe?

Does that guy even stand a chance with you?

If so, how should he approach you?

A simple “hi”, my name is ____, just seems too average.


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  • Most women do want Average Joe. You seem to have a lot to offer a woman and going over and introducing yourself is just fine.

    Alot of pressure is put on men to act in a certain way, have a certain style etc, and I know me and my friends have read magazines and actually said WTF? who wants a guy like that.

    To most women, Average Joe is anything but average.

    Have confidence in what you are and what you have to offer.

  • I think a lot of girls - myself included- prefer average to out-of-this-world because it's a lot less intimidating and easier to be myself.


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