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OK, ever since I got my new glasses (those fobby back plastic glasses if you know what I mean), I've been noticing that people look at me when I am walking around campus. Maybe I am just being self-conscious but I don't think I got that many looks (if any) when I had my old thin metal rimmed glasses. Just wondering, do many guys find those glasses attractive? Or they just make my face look unusual so that people look at it?

To give more details, I am Asian, not tall, but skinny enough to appear like I am tall in pictures. I don't think I am pretty but I've been called cute? But really, I don't think I am pretty. I've had guy friends who said that they find girls very attractive with those glasses. Does a pair of glasses really make such a big difference?


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  • it depends. usually its cause people who have seen you before notice something different. at the same time, depending I feel that glasses can make a girl look more attractive

  • Obviously yes...


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