I know it's overdone.. but pics included!

sooo.. I've always been wondering why I've been single my entire life (I'm almost 20) so I'm trying to get to the bottom of this... I have a suspicion as to why but that will b a secret for now :P

I'm 5'9"

eyes change color between green and brown


long brown hair (all natural)

about 200lbs :/

personality: I'm outgoing in large groups and shy one-on-one, extremely friendly, funny, sarcastic, sweet, kind, thoughtful, polite, and hard-working :)

here's some pics



be brutally honest... please.. I don't want the bullsh*t answers of "everyone is pretty is in their own way" or the patronizing "oh you're so pretty".. I'm over it.. so.. PLEASE! I want ur honest opinion!

i forgot to add that I'm rather smart to the personality list... always get high grades in classes :)


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  • I agree hitting the gym more regularly would be a great idea. Not just for physical changes but it's a massive mood enchancer and confidence booster. The old saying is true - if you look good, you feel good.

    You probably need to be more educated though if you want to lose weight. Basically if you eat less and move more you will lose weight but if you don't do it properly you could lose fat AND muscle or even just muscle. Best to build some muscle and lose fat as you will then tone up nicely and the increase in lean muscle mass will raise your metabolism making it easier to keep the weight off as muscle burns more calories than fat. There's a lot of crap information out there so see if you can find a trainer, ask a lot of questions.. pick his/her brains as much as possible then set out a plan and go for it.

    Most people are shy because they are insecure about themselves, if you work on your insecurities it will make you less shy. Sounds simple but most people don't think about it :P


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  • You could lose a little weight I guess. You have a cute smile :)

  • Brutally honest. There's nothing wrong with the way you look. Many guys would find you attractive.

    personality wise there seems no problems either. Maybe it is just the fact that you yourself said you are shy one on one.

  • Physical attraction, some may not like the weight. Its only an intial thing that attracts guys if you can't do it on appearance, emotional attraction, or personality more important for a long term relationship. If you like a guy flirt let him know you are interested, lower you standards etc...

  • A guy focuses on looks at first so my advice is to hit the gym. Your face is cute so once you accomplish that your set.

  • To be honest, you have a pretty face. Your body isn't my type though. But that's just on the surface looks. There is more to a person then their looks.

    • I know there's more to someone than their looks but there's gotta b attraction in the first place :/

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    • Starting to... I just see the same body every time I look in a mirror so I really don't know if I look any different :/ but people are starting to comment that I'm looking good so idk.. they could just b patronizing me :/

    • You know what you need to do? You need to go to a good gym and hire a trainer who knows what they are doing and use them for a while. It costs some money, but it is totally worth it! You will learn a lot, be motivated, and get the tools necessary to get the body you want. Then can go out on your own and get it.

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  • Don't worry you'll find him soon enough. You have a killer smile, and you look easily approchable. The shy thing might have something to do with it. I know out of all my girlfriends the shy one's date less. Don't second guess yourself. Keep your chin up, and get out there! best of luck.

    • Thanks :) and yeah I'm working on the shy thing.. haha

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