Does anyone ever go through the same MAKEUP phase?

Its August so there's so many weddings and cool parties and everyone puts MAKEUP so I always feel so stressed keeping it coz I feel like I'm spoiling skin and also I don't want my whole beauty to be exploited till there's nothing left to amaze like I want people to be amazed at how different I look at my own wedding... but then I also want to outshine other girls.. and also like there's so many peers putting so much of it u feel left out if u put little.. so there's a constant struggle from putting on full or half makeup

  • Just put on full make up don't give any damns
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  • Put half so that there's still a time when you can fully amaze
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  • Put half so that there's still a time when you can fully amaze


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  • I can't vote, because having natural makeup is when you amaze people the most - in my opinion...

    A full face of makeup always looks off and plastic.

    • But then rest of friends keep and you also want to you know feel like doing it

    • I think this might be just because you're still young and want to fit in - and makeup is no exception, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you feel better doing it, then do it, but remember - wearing lots of makeup at your age is not healthy for your skin - since it has the highest level of sebum in it, you have high hormone levels and sweat more - so it will clog your pores easier and make you break out easier...
      Also - makeup is expensive - especially if you use it often.
      If you still think it's worth it and you'd feel better regardless, just to fit in - then do what makes you feel best.