How to make my roots grow out but still look good?

Okay so I've been bleaching my hair for a few years now, but recently my hair has become quite damaged. I was blonde when I was quite young but I began to add highlights and stuff when it started to change.
In the last month I've noticed a lot of hair breakage (It's becoming less frequent now that I've stopped using heat to style it, and I'm booked in for an olaplex treatment to try and reverse some of the damage so I'm not too worried.)
Anyway, the damage to my hair scared me quite a lot and made me realise that I don't really want to continue bleaching my hair. So my question is how can I let my hair grow out without having to touch up roots? I know that I'm not likely to find a professional hair stylist on this site, but I'm hoping that someone out there has some tips or personal experience. I was thinking about having ombre roots, but I'm scared it will look bad because my hair is about shoulder length and really fine.

So does anyone have any tips on how i can make my hair look better once the roots are growing out?
(PS: just to let you know, every time I've bleached my hair it has been done by a hairdresser) (Also, I don't mind using hair dye to ombre my roots because I know it will prevent me from ever having to bleach my roots again)


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  • It sounds like you're reliant on a hair dresser and expensive products.


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  • I tried doing this, but it was a failure. I even tried darkening my top hair a little in order to make it look more even while my roots were growing. I couldn't stand it. I was not patient enough, so I ended up bleaching them again. If you find a better method, please let me know, because I am not sure what to do too.

    • I did a little bit more research online last night and I think I've found two options. One is darkening my hair to a dirty blonde all over, that way when my roots come through they will look more natural and I won't have to bother colouring them. The second option is to have balayaged blonde hair. (Google it if you're not sure). It means I can let my roots grow out but still keep some parts the way they are. Hope this helped :)

    • Thanks a lot for the information!

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  • let your hairs heal first. Just keep them free

    • The olaplex treatment is supposed to reverse the damage so I can then keep my hair healthy. I can't just leave it because my roots are very dark compared to the bleach and I want my hair to actually look presentable. As I stated in the question, I no longer want to bleach my hair so thats why I want to do one last hair dye which will hopefully make the transition between my roots and bleached ends smoother and look more natural.

    • hmm okay but dye them as close to your hairs natural color as possible

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  • Brown roots look good on most people but if not then you could probably just dye your hair closest to your natural color.

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