Guys, do you mind if a girl has a little tummy?

Not like a pot belly or anything but like if a girl is fit but she still has a little tummy..


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  • wow I can't belive these people to tell you the truth it wouldn't matter if you a had a huge stomach or abs of steel if I liked you. and the term little tummy is a stomach that is normal and its a cute way of saying it I may I wouldn't worry.


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  • sexy abs with a belly piercing are really the style these days , so we won't really like it much if she were to have that although it might not be a huge issue and with some exercise she could likely work if off .

  • a little tummy can be ok within reason.

    • What do you mean by within reason? because a little tummy is a little tummy...

    • Evryone has a different view on "little" that's all

  • not really...


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