Won't talk or LOOK at me?

so here's the thing. like 2 and a half weeks ago I hooked up with a classmate of mine. totally hot, and wanted. we were at my friends party and HE made a move on me. HE kissed me. so anyway I gave in, I'm not sure why. I've always had this rule: no hookups with anyone from school. HE made me break it. so we get back to school and all his friends are asking me questions and what not. everyone is interested. see I don't hookup with guys from school and he really doesn't either... and well apparently he told some people, like close friends, that I was a great kisser and that he wasn't drunk or anything when it happened. OKAY , GREAT? AND? he won't look or talk to me. at all. nothing. he said so himself. he's shy. but I don't know. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. just some opinions please

i don't really want anything more, just maybe another hook up? hehe.


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  • Maybe he regret kissing you or he heard something about you he didn't like. Maybe his close friends talk too much and he didn't want it to get out. He made the first move so being shy is out the window, the ice is crack as they say.

    • Regret kissing me? crap. hahahah thaks for anwsering.

    • Maybe regret is not the word how about mistake. Why is it crap he ain't talking to you for a reason, why get your attention to not follow threw

    • I never said I wanted him to follow through but that doesn't mean I REGRET it or consider it a mistake either. what's done is done, I just hopped he would look at it that way to.

  • just a hook up...and he is probably not so sure about what he wants.


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