Beauty pageants? I don't know whether to enter one or not?

Well, you see, I get quite a bit of mail saying how I'm eligible to enter some pageants, and I usually just throw them in the trash. My friends, boyfriend, and family say I should try entering one, and I guess it sort of sounds like it would be kind of a fun experience, and it would make an interesting story if I ever had kids one day I suppose, but the thing is, I have no idea what one has to do if accepted into entering a pageant. I've never been in one before. Plus, I'm shy, too, so I'm not so sure how that would work. Should I take a chance and try to enter? Anyone have any tips, too, if they know of any for if I do happen to? Also, what are the pros and cons of entering a pageant?


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  • If your shy this will help you overcome that shyness and besides it will be fun, go for it you only live once.


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  • I would go for it but make sure the pageant is legit first.