How to make my hair grow faster?

I know there are lots of tips online but has anyone actually tried any that work?

I've always had long hair but shit happened and now my hair's insanely short. I'm talking ear lenght! and I fucking HATE it. It makes me look disgusting and I don't even wanna go out like this.

Anyone else? something cheaper than coconut oil (I haven't looked for it but I'm sure it's gonna be expensive where I live).


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  • Coconut oil

    • Have you tried it?

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    • @orphan so basically im fucked lmao

    • Yeah it helped grow my hair from shoulder length to the middle of my back and a jar of coconut oil is $4 in Krogers where I live. I use a lot of natural stuff in my hair though and I've been doing this "no heat challenge." I eat really healthy too so that be the reason for my results..

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  • eat healthier and drink lot of water.. biotin didn't do anything AT ALL for me >:(

  • -Use grape-seed oil or coconut oil or argan oil to scalp-massage your hair.
    -Consume foods enriched in protein and omega-3
    -Biotin supplements.
    -Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a paddle brush.

    • I'm fucked lmao thanks

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    • You're welcome.
      Do it 2-3 times a week.