Womens Beauty standards wtf?

Womens Beauty standards wtf?!

This question is for women Are any of you women put here sick and tired of beauty standards for women? ? I've personally struggled with premade societies beauty standards almost all my life now at this point in sick of it! Am i the only one? I believe as women you should look however the fuck you want!! No rules Im sick of all these standards created my men of having the perfect body big boobs big butt (bigger is better basically) bigger lips etc... Basically just women as sexual objects My case is diff I love makeup fashion and all things beauty, heels because its a passion of mine and fits so well with my personality and i see it as an extreme form of art and self expression. I also love being sexy its a passion of mine too weird i know lol and with that i feel people put me into a box and expct me to live up to these already made and set standards fully of what a women should be True definition of a women is fully expressed and undefined Standards of women should be whatever the hell the women wants wether that be Heels or flats dresses or basketball shorts, full face makeup no makeup. I am a girl who loves makeup beauty fashion sensual dance and sexiness for artistic and self expression purposes and FOR ME ! But i also have a down to earth hippie like persoanlity thats not concerned about looks i just do what i love and people expect me to be thier full definition of a women which is perfect body with big boobs and big butt (sexual assets) I love my body I've worked out hard to maintain this body along with healthy eating but i am pear shaped so i will never have huge boobs its not in the cards for me won't happen I have a cute butt its not massive and it never will beAnyone else super sick of this? To you what is the most ridiclous beauty standard for women? Which do you feel you you dont live up to? And which do you feel based on your own standard makes you feel proud to be a women? If possible post pic that makes you feel proud to be a women.

The pics make me feel proud to be a women because i am expressing myself for who i am and my passions.


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  • I completely agree with everything you say minus one small thing.
    I believe that other women play a large roll in female beauty standards. We've all overheard a group of girls talking behind someone's back, talking about how ugly they are or their cheap, tacky clothes.
    Men and Women BOTH need to stop putting each other down

    • Hell yeah! I totally agree with you its deff not all men who set the standards and put pressure of women. They buy into ths set standard mentality and bash each other for it. Thats why there is no men basshing here lol :)

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  • Wow you're hot for an sjw. But yeah I am tired of these beauty standards

    • Thank you ❤

    • Are you asian? And are you bi?

    • Ha no im brazilian black and isreali but the way i do my eye make-up sometimes makes me look Asian & maybe lol

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  • These beauty standards are not created by mem but by the beauty industry. Thats a whole different thing.

  • Let's be honest, male beauty standards are just as bad


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  • I do agree with you that these beauty standards are ridiculous and I do agree that women should show off certain parts of their body if they're proud of it. But then again, it can be seen as being attention seeking and "sluty" and give women a bad name

    • Hahaha yeah story of my life
      I went topless on the beach as a liberating. Experience and for me and for my own healing of neg body image because of my boobs not for anyone else BUT i got so many diff reactions , judgmental reactions a lot of people thought i was doing it to be slutty and attention seeking a lot of other people loved it mosty, some girls even laughed... Then i thought none of these people know why im doing or know me personally and had soo many diff reactions which voice was I going to listen tooo? SO with that I decided to listen to MYSELF I I know who I am what im about so its all good.

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    • Thank you! you're beautiful too!
      Made me realize I tend to worry to much about things that dont matter , I didn't get thrown off the beach for walking around with small boobs or get stoned to death. Lmaooo Ii also didn't die when some girls laughed.
      So having small boobs is not a bad thing ❤

    • Yeah you're right, if anything it's a new trend now 😂. And thank you so much! Thank you for explaining your side now, tbh I didn't agree at first but now I totally understand ❤