Like to wear make up? Well guys do you really like it when a woman wears it? Check out some of the ingredients?

When I say I like an all natural woman , I do in fact know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't kiss a woman with lipstick on and I wouldn't sniff her hair to see how a bull sperm smells


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  • Love my mascara and my bb cream. Ahhh protect my skin lovely bb cream. Let's see what bad shit is in it

    • Didn't see anything bad. I'm good.

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    • I know a lot of women think us guys require a woman wear it while others don't care what we think. I not only don't need a woman wear it I just wouldn't date one that would insist on wearing it if she knew how I loath it

    • Because I totally care if a guy cares if I protect my skin or not... or if I wear mascara just because I like longer darker lashes

  • Honestly I like to use make up and I've heard this before and still use it sooo... oh well:/

  • ok and?


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  • Just an ignorant clickbait article.

    Did some research on the whale poop. You dont use the actual poop, just a protein, amino acid, nothing more. Anyway, nowadays a synthetic replacement is being used.

    Too lazy to research the rest but they are probably wrong too.

    • I also read other articles as well that showed much worse contents

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    • I agree there are some that could be justified , but to the degree that it is performed... No way

    • Not even in this morally bankrupt society

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