Which OGX/Organix shampoo and conditioner line do you like the best? and what type of hair do you have?

Also which is better of the 3 coconut ones: Coconut curls, Coconut Milk and coconut water?
And whats the difference between extra strength argan il of morocco and argan oil of Morocco
-Bamboo fiber-full
-niacin3 & caffeine
-extra strength argan oil of morocco
-Coconut Curls
-Tsubaki blossom
-Cherry blossom
-Eucalyptus mint
-Argan oil of Morocco
-Brazilian Kertain Therapy
-Coconut Milk
-Coconut Water
-Sea Mineral moisture
-Kukui oil
-Lemon highlights
-Biotin & collagen
-Keratin oil
-Moroccan argan creme
-Macademia oil
-Tea tree mint


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  • i;ve never used this brand :/

  • I use cheap-ass shampoo and conditioner like Elvive or Herbal Essences or Le Petit Marseillais. I use oils before and sometimes after bath before drying my hair.