How can a guy become funnier?

I want to know how I can be funnier how to make girls laugh and to flirt better. Any advice on how I can accomplish this? If there are any funny guys here, were you naturally funny or did you learn how to be funny?


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  • I have two tips that really helped me out.

    1) Watch lots of comedy. If you want to be funny you have to enjoy laughing. I really enjoy good stand-up myself more than movies. At first I started just stealing the jokes. If it's obscure stuff you can get away with it otherwise, yes, it looks lame but if you use it and time it right it can work. Just don't overdo it. If it's not working then stop. Eventually I became able to remember jokes and then retrofit them to suit different situations.

    If you haven't seen it I recommend Robin William's Live on Broadway. His newest show is great too but I think this is his finest work ever. He's like a comedy machine gun - a barrage of jokes. By the time your brain tells you to laugh at one he's three jokes ahead.

    I'm also a big fan of Jimmy Carr. He's a British comedian and he's not well known in North America. His Jokes are mostly the one-liner type. He uses a lot of great word-play and irony and despite being crude he's quite sophisticated. I have to add a word of warning if you use that style though. Though there's lots of good jokes, many are extremely offensive or even misogynistic. It's shock humour of course and he gets away with it because he knows how to deliver it PROPERLY. If you're don't understand deadpan well, don't even try.

    2) Make friends with funny people. It just helps you see how it works in social situations.

    • Thanx for the tips bro. I think I'll check out the links.

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  • i know you want guys opinions but a lot of my friends say I'm a funny person... so maybe I'll end up helping you.

    if there is something that happens to me during my day or week that I thought was funny or odd or random, I just tell people that story sometimes I just bring it up if it's quiet and kinda awkward, other times if it relates to what we are talking about I tell it from whenever it was- doesn't have to be recent if it relates.

    the only thing with this is that you have to learn how to be a good storyteller if you're not one ;)

    • Yea I really suck at story telling. Usually people just look at me with the WTF face. lol.

    • It could be the kind of story you're telling and not the way you're telling the story...

  • Depends on the girl, usually the best kind of funny is the sarcastic funny people, others joke by using people they see as outlets, but if you ever made the girl your looking into laugh, stick with that. I learned from my family ( Guy's and Girls ) we all love to laugh, and it usually works when we start a conversation then find funny connections. It helps if you know a lot of the same things, or people. You could tell stories to them that are funny. Sureley you have a funny memory some where.


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  • lol you are funny, look at your post ahaha

    • Yea very funny. Wow I think I'm funnier now thanx to u. I owe you one..

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