How to grow a long , healthy hair?

I've never really had a healthy hair, there are always split , dry ends, my hair wasn't long in years now , longest I had was till shoulders and it was 2 years ago.
I was dying my hair a lot , bleching most of the time in the past and thn the day came when I cut it really short because my hair was dead.
How to grow a long , healthy hair ?

Now , after almost a year my hair looks pretty much like this but it needs a bit of trimming and I want to stop dying my hair but still want to have a bit of highlights. my hair is naturally middle/dark brown with golden highlights but my skin is really light (fair) and dark haircolor doesn't suit me at all.

How can I go from this ^ to this ˘
I want my hair to look pretty much like this, I LOVE this haircolor also.

how can I grow my hair and keep it healthy?
Any advices from you girls , what do you do to keep your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful?
what products should I use?
masks? oils?
any tricks to speed up my hair growth (my hair grows about 1 - 1,5 cm in a month but when you cut it off in Miley Cyrus style and want to have long hair even 1,5 cm seems as it grows really slow)
I'm not going to dye my hair till it grows long. I stopped bleaching it.
Now I just need few advices on how to grow it long, shiny and healthy?
it's pretty much dry on the ends, but I can't cut it all off , I need advices, please?
thanks for reading this and sharing your opinions. <3


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  • Unfortunately, hair strength is largely genetic. Have you ever noticed that black women often have shorter hair? It is because their hair is more fragile and is more affected by water/heat than the hair that is sometimes found on other races. Of course, this is not a hard/fast rule, but it does show the genetic component to hair strength. People of Asian decent have some of the strongest hair. Their hair pieces are often thicker and are not as easily damaged.
    The best you can do for your hair is to take notice of these things:
    1. Coloring your hair- Coloring damages and weakens your hair. I know a lot of women love to color their hair, and it seems fine. However, it really does weaken the hair shaft, causing more breakage and not allowing it to grow as long.
    2. Heat- I know how hard it is to put down the straightener/blow dryer/curling iron. However, if you want to strengthen your hair, avoid these at all costs. These products also damage the hair shaft and cause breakage. If you have to use these products, get a good heat spray. I like but use whatever works for you.
    3. Don't brush your hair wet- Curly haired ladies have to brush their hair in the shower, I get it. But for everyone else, this is a cardinal sin. Brush your hair dry before you get in the shower and then don't brush it again until it is at least 1/2 dry. Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so avoid brushing it then at all costs.
    4. Don't twirl/play with your hair- The more you mess with it, the more you weaken it.
    5. Try a weekly/monthly mask- I like coconut oil. Part of making good and healthy hair is giving it moisture (because you strip your natural oils when you wash it) and keeping your follicle healthy. A coconut oil mask is a great way to achieve those objectives. You'll probably have to do 2-3 lathers in the shower to get all the coconut oil out, but it is worth it.
    6. Don't wash your hair every day- I can't abide by this one, but it's much better for your hair to give it a rest day (or 2) between washes.
    7. Specialized Shampoo/Conditioner- You will be able to find special "Long and Strong" or "Beautiful Lengths" products. Use them. They are designed to build up your hair strength so that it can grow in longer and healthier.

    Commit yourself to these things. It will probably take quite a while for your hair to grow out healthy. Once hair is damaged, you can't repair it. You just have to wait for it to grow out again. You can do it!

    • Thanks for your advice 😊

    • Anytime! Hair and beauty are some of my passions. Also, to give some credibility, I've given my hair to locks of love 3 times, so I think these suggestions really work. Good luck!

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  • Stop dying your hair
    Don't wash it every day
    Take some "hair skin nails" vitamins
    Use oily maks in case it's dry
    Always cut the damage off, so hair can keep growing

    • Yeah, , I've stopped dying my hair and I'm washing it every 3-4 days.
      Can you recommend any good oily masks?

    • I use coconut oil, but smashed avocado is really good, also mayonnaise.

    • thanks ^^