What makes a girl datable not a random hook up?

i gave my friend a picture of a girl to rate her and he wa slike she's cute she seems like the kind of girl you date not just mess around with

based on what can you judge a girl that way ?


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  • Cute girls tend to be the kind you date as opposed to hot girls you randomly hook up with.

    However, you have to be an otherwise really cool and interesting person to be datable.


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  • You really need to show us a pic. If she is dressed too provocatively or posing in a generally accepted "erotic way" then maybe you can judge by the picture alone. Other than that you really can't. The gut reaction of "no" to a really hot girl is a subconscious admission by the man that he fears that he could not compete the her many suitors even if he temporarily obtains her affections.

  • A girl is datable when she doesn't give it up too quickly like a random hook up


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