To all the fashionable ladies out there! Helpfor first day of school? Emergency?

Highschool is almost here and I will be a freshman! I want to dress smart and preppy but not formally for the first day of highschool! I already had a bunch of fails! I'll list my fails from previous years so you don't mention them! I'm tall (5 foot 9) and I'm not skinny. Bmi is 25. And im Asian. My goal is to look smart, outgoing and preppy!
First day of school last year: I dressed in the typical Japanese uniform like in animes. I got a bunch of hate comments... :( such as it makes me look dumb and a little girl.
Another year: I dressed in a business suit. Well that didn't go well and you probably know why.
Another year: I wore a long sweater that went past my pant line aND I wore super high white boots that go past my knees. I also got a lot of hate saying why I was trying to look like Ariana grande? Also I'm trying to look smart. And that definetly wasn't there.
Any tips? If there's a picture included even better! Thank you for responding if you do btw! This is the girl problem you know? We need girl talk ;D also it has to be okay for school! And I don't want to look like a slut either!


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