Should I leave my girl?

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I've been together with my girlfriend for years now, four to be exact. We've had the up's and downs of course, but at times she can be very cruel.

One second she can't get enough of me, the next its "you can leave now." this happens for no apparent reason that I can see besides she just wants me to leave... I mean I have no idea. Things are going along as usual and then... bam. "you can leave"

At other times she can avoid me, doesn't seem committed. I feel as if I"m being used, but I just can't pinpoint how are why. Maybe she has a coquettish style of dealing with relationships.

That's just the bad though. We do have plenty of wonderful times under our belts. I mean I love her very much. I've tried being tougher on her when she's mean, and I don't know what to do. Should I leave her? Or is there a way of dealing with this? Because I can tell you... I don't want to leave her.


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  • I don't think you should leave you girl just yet. Just wait and see how she acts for a while. I don't exactly know why she's acting like this either, but a few possibilities may be that she has severe moodswings, PMS or maybe (this is the most unlikely option) she is cheating on you. Hope things work out btw.


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  • I can relate to your situation as my wife can act very much the same way, and yes it is both hurtful and very frustrating. I also believe that in spite of what some people might think, it takes a man of strength to stay with someone who has tendencies to be abusive or hateful. The best advice I can give you, is to evaluate your situation, which it sounds to me that you have. If however the bad times begin to outweigh the good ones then you might want to consider moving on. I know this can be easier said than done, as my wife sometimes treats me very poorly and yet I stay with her. The one thing that helps me get over her poor behavior is she will come to me and apologize for being hateful. IF she stops doing this, then I'm afraid I will drift away from her to a point where I may not return. The main thing to consider is that when others want to have control over you it's because they have no control within themselves, and in the end it is really only themselves they end up hurting because they can't make relationships work. I hope this makes some sort of sense, and that it is somewhat of a comfort knowing that you are not alone.