Would you prefer to date someone if they wore a wig witch made there hair look better or if they didn't?

Personally I definitely would and think it shows your proactive and care about how you look but i'v been balding my self from an early age so I may be more accepting and open to solutions than people who haven't?
Also I recently started using hair fibres to make my hair look thicker to combat the problem they work well on thin hair and no one has said anything other than a few people I talked to about it before hand also it took courage to try I think more so as a guy!
It takes about 3 min to apply i don't know if a wig would take more time or not to apply but I imagination it wouldn't be two inconvenient? Also the cost of it over a life time seems reasonable for the benefit especially when compared with the cost of hair transplants!

  • Yes If it makes them look better then id rather them with the wig
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  • No people shouldn't do things to look good I think its deceptive
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  • No it I think it shows insecurity
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  • Yes as long as it wasn't very time consuming to put on!
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  • I can't decide to go right or left heads or tails or if I should get a dog , cat or hamster?
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  • I would tell them to do whatever makes them happy.


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  • I can't decide to go right or left heads or tails or if I should get a dog , cat or hamster


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  • Which and witch. Know the difference.
    In this case, the correct pronoun would have been 'that'.

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