Should I buy one size bigger?

I'm buying uggs but my size isn't available. I wear a US size 6, only US Size 7 is available. Would it be too lose if I buy a size 7?


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  • You should never buy Uggs. Ever. Unless you WANT to advertise which STD's you have (google "you can tell which STDs a girl has by her Uggs" to understand the joke).

  • Step one : Measure your foot size
    Step two : Don't buy ugg boots they're uggly af

    • That's the reason why they are called uggs. lol

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    • I have no idea. Just try them on in the store and see how they fit. If they are too loose, get those shoe pads/interior soles to take up some of the room.

    • @AynonOMouse ok!

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