Do I have dysmorphia?

I constantly worry about my features, it stops me from enjoying life... i hide away from people a lot cos if they are looking at me i think they're thinking how thin my nose is, how long my head is etc... even assume it about friends. I plan on a lot of different surgeries within the next two years... every guy i've ever liked has liked me back but i never feel good enough... i end up hurting both the guy and myself... i live in a constant dream world of worrying about every little feature... it annoys me how so many celebs want such thin noses when they're perfect noses and i would kill for a wider nose. I feel i look alien like cuz my nose is that small and thin... a few people have compared me to manga characters cuz of my teeny nose but i see it as an insult. I won't have photos taken by other people and when i take them of myself they're from the same angle... i detest my face and it frustrates me when people tell me i'm so pretty and cute cos i'm not... I won't meet guys for dates i've spoken to online due to me thinking i look a million times worse in person than on my selfies. I've over 7,000 selfies on my phone of different parts of my face i hate and want to change... I feel i'm alien looking compared to everyone else, my head shape, nose, eyes, lips etc... i've never seen anyone with a face nor nose as thin as mine... i am gross


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  • I mean, everybody cares about their appearance and appearance flaws. It can be a good thing to care about your appearance. Where it starts being an issue is when it starts interfering with your life.

    It's one thing if there's one thing you don't like. For me I have a bit of acne and it's annoying as hell. Body wise I'm thin. But both are true and it isn't that big of a deal to me.

    But if you believe things that aren't true, that's when you start having problems. I would suggest seeing a therapist.

    There could be a bit of narcissism here as well. That behavior can manifest itself in an unhealthy obsession with one's own appearance.

    Really though, even if there are parts of your body that could be more attractive, other then exercise and basic beauty routines, there's nothing you can do to change it.

    The way I think about it, you can have everything anybody else can have. And you don't look at yourself either, so you can just choose to visualize yourself as being more attractive then you actually think you are (a lot of people do).

    Try to resist taking selfies. Go out purposely ugly and deal with that discomfort. over time you'll learn that people really don't give a shit how other people look.

    • I love my body, I do yoga, cycle, mountain climbing and have a pt... it's my face that's disgusting and alien like... the more weight i lose, the more alien i look cos i lose weight from my face first... so i need facial fillers when i've the money and jaw augmentation (implants in the jaw to make my face wider)... i can't go out looking ugly, it's not something i can do

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    • That's what is annoying dude, my BMI is bang in the middle and i've big boobs and wide hips, i'm definitely curvy but toned... but my face is so boney yet i have a friend who's got a round face and cheeks and is two sizes smaller than me and skinny... so you think some guys might genuinely think a small nose on a girl is cute?

    • Your friend may have a higher body fat percentage. Men do like small noses. I honestly think you're just being paranoid

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  • It is literally *painful* to read your writing.

    And if you want a diagnosis you need to go to a doctor instead of asking the internet.

    • I'm going to ask my new doc tomorrow if she will refer me to therapy, i've told my doctor all of this and he just acted disinterested, prescribed me with anxiety meds and never referred me. I recently moved and changed docs and i'm hoping she'll be understanding

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  • I'm not a psychologist and you can't claim to have a condition without professional evaluation but what I do know is that it sounds like you could have it. The fact that it prevents you from living life is a big warning sign.

  • Honey, you're not gross. It is possible you have dysmorphia - try not to worry so much about how you look, the most attractive thing about a person is his/her smile and attitude. That I what I remind myself when I have my own doubts. :)

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