Cute and flirty date outfit help plz?

So I recently just moved to America from Japan about 6 months ago. And I've been getting to know a few people and a guy I like asked me out for a picnic at a park. Well I was wondering what I could wear that would be suoer cute. Ok I'm very girly and I love really cute and feminine clothes. I like very pastel colors like pinks, Leigh red and light blue stuff like that. Also I'm very much into the lolita fashion of Japan. I have long black hair, very white skin and somewhat of an hourglass figure. (I'm skinny but kinda big breast and my hips are a nice size for an Asian girl). I was hoping of some ideas on an outfit like top, bottom and maybe shoes. And possibly a cute idea of how to do my hair


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  • Check out some clothing from himi's store and spree picky. Their clothes are soooo cute.


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  • Fishnet stockings and fishnet shirt is flirty. You'll be a really catch


    • Yeah not happening dude I'm a minor so that's creepy

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    • @Dave20154 Dating CAN involve sex

    • dating involves sex. because if it didn't it would be "just friends", righttttt?

  • I smell troll

  • Troll alert.


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